2016 Scott Solace 20 disc 105 X-Small

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Model : Solace 20 disc 105

Brand : Scott

Color : White black red

Year : 2016

Size : X-Small

Type : Road

Brand new and in perfect shape! Will professionally box and ship for out of state customers. The Scott Solace built with HMF carbon-fiber is the platform at the heart of the Solace 10 and 20 Disc Brake bikes. It is a very close cousin of the Scott Solace Premium. They come out of the same molds, thus share the same geometry, shaping, features. The only difference is the grade of carbon-fiber utilized. This Scott focuses on maximizing the benefits of HMF, Scott’s proprietary High Modulus Fiber, which is, as the name suggests light and stiff. But as it isn’t quite as strong as the HMX plies they use on the premium, more material is used in the HMF frames. The result is a bike that has the same riding characteristics, just a bit heavier, and appreciably less expensive. The Solace 10 comes in under eighteen pounds, so it’s still pretty light for a disc brake bike. Since this bike is aimed at endurance riders, Scott has tweaked the geometry for comfort, with a bit more stack and a bit less reach to bring the bars up and back so that even cyclists without incredible flexibility can enjoy all the hand positions available on their drop bars. Shaping is where much of the difference occurs for the Solace. The head tube, down tube, and chain stays are the “power zone” on the Solace. They’re designed for maximal lateral stiffness. From the tapered 1 1/8” to 1 ¼” steerer to the massive shaping of the down tube as it reaches the BB86 bottom bracket. BB86 allows for not only major downtube shaping, but setting the chainstays as wide as possible for both better lateral stiffness and more tire clearance. The chain stays, both for power and for braking precision, are beefy. The long, slender seat stays contribute to ride comfort, part of the “comfort zone” they designed. To get them to flex so well, Scott removed the rear brake bridge from the seat stays. The rest of the comfort zone is the seat and top tubes, the latter of which receives more of the vibrations from the seat stays than the seat tube. This spreads out the damping area and keeps it away from the saddle, your butt, and back. Even the seat tube has been trimmed for comfort, with a smaller 27.2mm carbon-fiber seat post from Syncros helping mitigate road vibrations there. The second part of the comfort zone is the fork, where Scott has designed a shock damping system (SDS) into the blades, maximizing vertical compliance while keeping the legs tracking straight regardless of the bumps. 30mm tires will fit no problem for those who want added comfort or float. The 30mm tires fit thanks to the switch to rotor disc brakes. The brake choice also informs other aspects of design. Scott utilizes Shimano’s flat-mount brake standard for mounting. This works both with brakes designed for that standard and post mounts. The standard is positioned for 160mm rotors to be standard, though 140mm rotors will fit with an adapter. Likewise, and another lateral-rigidity feature are thru-axles. Scott likes the 12mm diameter standard, and goes with 12x100mm in front and 12x142mm in rear. They’re also user-friendly as it’s nearly impossible to mount them improperly. Cable routing is entirely internal, with the rear cables mounting on the sides of the head tube, and the front brake cable/hose going through the fork. It can work with mechanical or hydraulic braking, mechanical or hydraulic shifting. The battery, when going electronic, fits inside the seat post. The Scott Solace HMF is comfortable, fast, and confidence-inspiring.